COTE Korean BBQ in New York

I recently visited COTE Korean BBQ in New York and was blown away by the delicious food and friendly service. The atmosphere was lively and energetic, and the grill tables were a unique and fun touch.

The highlight of the meal was definitely the high-quality, thinly sliced meats that were cooked to perfection at the table. The servers were attentive and made sure our grill was always hot and ready for the next round of meat. The banchan (side dishes) were also a standout, with a variety of pickled vegetables and other small plates that added depth and flavor to the meal.

Overall, COTE Korean BBQ is an excellent choice for anyone looking to experience traditional Korean BBQ in a modern and sophisticated setting. The prices are fair and the portions are generous, making it great value for the money. I highly recommend giving COTE a try – you won’t be disappointed!